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  1. enrick71


    I can't conctat IB in any manner: chat doesn't work on my pc, phone calls need years be answered, email conctat doesn't match my id and account number, m I the only one?
  2. tommcginnis


    Stay with the phone.
    Look up/try different numbers. (There are a few.)
  3. truetype


    You don't need to contact them -- they offer autoliquidation service.
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  4. rb7


    Why the chat feature is not working on your PC?

    I used that a couple of time and the response was really quick and helpful.
  5. zdreg


    the problem is not your inability to contact IB.
    likely you have other problems related to your internet provider or with your computer
    deal with them first.
  6. John9999


    I gave up on IB after numerous issues.. including the lockout that lasted a few days recently and could not log in.... Sure they have low commissions , but look at the service you receive

    I went back to a Broker I have used for years... I can always get thru 24/7 immediately on the phone to execute orders when I am not at my computer or whatever
  7. I don't understand the many complaints regarding waiting time on the phone. I don't recall having waited on the phone a single time when calling IB. Likewise on the chat.
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  8. truetype


    It's so they can blame all their bad trades on "I couldn't get through to IB."
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  9. My advice to you is to switch to Etrade.
    Make Trading Great Again 2018...High-Five` o_O
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  10. Sig


    I've heard that the service you receive from IB very much depends on where you are and how much money you have with them. It could very well be if you have mid 7 figures with them and/or are calling their Hong Kong or Canada office you are getting a very different user experience than the OP with a $25k U.S. account.
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