Interactive Brokers 23.70 -3.41 (-12.58%)

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by JayS, Jul 5, 2007.

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  2. I thought IB would be doing better. This concerns me as a customer.
  3. I think you need to understand their business better.

    Their earnings don't come from the brokerage side it comes from market making and based on the article in the WSJ today their market making is getting slammed due to M&A activity.

    Read the S&P report on their site if you want to learn about their business and where the $ comes from.
  4. I don't care where there money is coming from. A brokerage firm that small, not growing, and whose stock is declining is more at risk of problems.
  5. I understand your concern. To get a true picture of their health check out their balance sheet and compare it to other brokers.

    Just because they aren't making as much money as expected doesn't mean they will fold. I'm sure their are financially stronger than 90% of brokers out there.

  6. I am sure they are too. And considering the trouble Bear may (or may not be in), I am not too worried. I won't worry about them until I am over the SIPC limit and then I'll start looking at how to protect myself.
  7. Its very tempting to see the glass as half full when its your $ on the line.

    I suggest you consider your personal qualifications to actually make a judgment about solvency, and not succumb to paranoia.

    Not saying you should not be vigilant.
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    LOL good thing u added that last line at the end!