Interactive broker vs TD Ameritrade vs Speed trader vs lightspeed .... Which one for Daytrading?

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  1. I plan to open an account for day trading.. . With 30K ... The thing is I would like to see which broker provides most reliable, fast execution and of course cheapest comissions ..... Please share your experience with the above. Thank you very much .
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    You forgot to mention customer support ... And guess what ... You are in luck!
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    How many trades a day & What are you planning to trade? TD Ameritrade ToS platform is free and has no monthly fees.

    Commissions are higher tho.
  4. I plan to do 3-5 trades per day... And around 100 trades a month...
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    What kind of stocks(liquid/thin)? How important is execution speed?
  6. I wanna trade stocks with high liquidity. Speed is very important . Possible #1.then price... I don't need platform support. I have thinkorswim charting already .
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    TDAmeritrade - not for serious day traders (no per share commissions, no rebates).
    Speedtrader - not familiar with.
    IB - a bit slow and unpredictable, imo. (Disclosure: My current execution platform).
    Lightspeed - fast and steady. Having the privilege to get help from Robert - Priceless! :)

    It's not about platform support ... it's about account and order execution support.

    Hope it helps.
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    Well I do believe we are worth a try. Lightspeed Trader was built to be fast with choice of order routing with both per trade or per share commissions rates. And yes, if you choose me as your sales person or say you heard about us on Elite Trader, you get me as your rep.

    You can use this promotion to save on commissions to try us.

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  9. "if you choose me as your sales person or say you heard about us on Elite Trader, you get me as your rep."

    Thanks man. Can you also come to my house and feed my dog while I'm on vacation? Yer a bro! j/k :D
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    Maybe. Where do you live and what is your average monthly volume? o_O
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