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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by benysl, Oct 11, 2006.

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    just found out that if I have a position and held it overnight.

    The unrealised profit always show the result that is mark to yesterday closing and not my entry price which is very confusing as I have a lot of trade.

    Is there a way I can show the unrealised profit that is mark to my entry price and not yesterday closing price?
  2. kinda u use unrealized or tot pnl. there are 2 options. on mine [unrealized] it shows the right numbers.
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    hi how do you change it??

    I see from my quote page I have it under Unrealized P&L % and that figure is totally way off from my entry price.

    I trade options by the way- guess it shouldn't matter right?
  4. anyway to "link the changing prices directly to excel ? so i dont have to manually update positions I have on at IB . I have my spreadsheet set up so along with other things shows my unrealized P&L like TWS.
    thanks, phil
  5. This is only done for futures. Variation margin posts P&L for futures positions to your account daily. Technically speaking, marking to the previous settlement price is the unrealized P&L as yesterdays P&L has already been posted to your account.

    The feature isn't useful when looking for your entry point. You can request a change to this calculation on our new features poll.