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Discussion in 'Options' started by redharel, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. redharel


    For months if not years IB has a huge bug with option charts which they are not solving.
    there is missing data that keep on changing and customers end up with wrong impression movement. for months if not more i'm chasing them to fix it but they don't.
    last encounter i had with them i was transfer ed to Greenwich Server from Chicago and been told it will solve the issue but it didn't.

    This issue is very important to me, what can i do about it?
    can FINRA help here?

    i attached 2 images for small example on what i'm talking about
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  2. just21


  3. Robert Morse

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    Maybe there was no trading at those times.
    No, FINRA can't help.
  4. redharel


    The representatives claim the top manager know about that issue, so how sending them a email will help?
  5. redharel


    Take a look at the images and look yourself that later those missing bars did appear.

    i'm not posting bug that i didn't get across 1000's times already and 100% sure about it
  6. just21


    Get a group of people to email ibmgmt. It can only help resolve the situation.
  7. maxinger


    I have been using IB for > 3 decades.

    No point getting frustrated. no point complaining.
    Because it is bad for our health.
    So I use it as backup.
  8. tommcginnis


    I just reproduced it --


    Wow. Sad!!!

    ALSO!!! Same thing for the Jan26 172.50 put, except the outage goes from 10:50 to 11:48am.
  9. redharel


    there are 10's of those every single minute.
    you can see it with AMZN, AAPL, SPX etc

    it's more then sad it's a disgrace that i have to beg for years for IB to fix this bug and they don't.

    as an option trader it's a nightmare
  10. tommcginnis


    Totally with you, except that I rarely bring up a chart for an individual option, and aside from curiosity, can't say why I would not require viewing the underlying (*whatever* that might be) as the pertinent choice.
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