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  1. okay, i know this may sound like an extremely dumb question but since its anoying the hell outa me ill ask it

    Lately iv missed out on some sweet future's runs due to it taking forever to get share allocation done so trades long since gone by time i get it done so basically here are the details:

    I have a advisery account created, (had reasons for it originally but now only trading my own account) so i want to setup the Share allocation 100% so all i have to do is pick number of shares/price and transmit.

    I have gone "view" " "allocation profiles" made an allocation profile for 100% on my account, but now i cant seem to work out how to add it to the IB platform so i can select it in dropdown and transmit..if anyone can direct me as to where in heck i add it or how id greatly appreciate the help.
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    This will place the Allocation column in your TWS. So when you hit bid/ask price, in the Allocation column you can pick the account/accounts you want to trade.

    If you want to trade more than one account with one click - be careful! The FA platform is buggy!
  3. i cant find allocation in order rows..this is whats in it..
    trailing key
    OCA group
    Time in force
    stop price
    auc strat
    improve amt
    stock ref.price
    stock range (low)
    stock range (high)
  4. just looked at mine. allocation is in the righthand column on mine. besides if your only trading your account you dont need to set it. it defaults to whatever you used the last time you made a trade.
  5. what do you mean by buggy. ive been using the fa account on stocks since they started it and have never had a problem.
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    i haven't heard of any problems either. feel free to PM me with any issues you have and I'll pass them along for action.

    i do know that some effort has been put into the FA accounts. make sure you have the latest tws build (817)

    anyway, to address the original question, perhaps follow these instructions:
    When you create an allocation profile, you can use ratios instead of percentages to allocate shares. This feature makes it easy to modify share allocation when you add or remove accounts from a profile without needing to redistribute percentages that add up to 100%. To implement, check Use ratios in the Settings section of the Allocation Profile box. Use the Ratio column to enter a proportion for each sub-account. TWS automatically recalculates each time you add a sub account ratio to ensure all account shares add up to 100.
    If you right-click on a contract and select Show Positions to see how many shares/contracts are owned by each sub-account. Select a contract from the trading screen or from the Portfolio section of the Account window.
    You can now specify percentages in decimals, instead of just whole numbers, for share allocations. Enter percentages for share allocations in the Allocation Profile box.
  7. okay..i have made a share alocation profile thingy with 100% in it...but i can NOT seem to find the add in outlay area so every time i try submit an order i get the anoying share alocation not set issue, i also tried the ratio idea..basically to same effect

    Any other idea's around it or idea's on why my outlay doesnt show allocation like others?
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    vhehn wrote: "what do you mean by buggy. ive been using the fa account on stocks since they started it and have never had a problem".

    Huge (I mean HUGE) problems with the allocations. Do you trade several accounts at the same time? The problems are so big that IB had to hire a new programmer to fix them. It's not just me - just ask any front-end platform developer!

    This is what I just received from IB:
    "New Release Date For FA Software
    Please be advised that Interactive Brokers (IB) has postponed the release of its new allocation logic for at least one week. We had planned to release the new software this coming Monday, February 16, 2004. We have not yet completed the documentation needed to assist our advisors with the new sophisticated predefined allocation strategies. We will send another notification update next week to advise you about the new deployment date. "
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    Here's what's buggy: When closing out a position - using the same allocation profile on the same accounts as was used in entering the position - sometimes it allocates a different amount of shares per account. The result is it leaves 100 shares or so (and/or -100 shares or so) in one account or another, or in my case, sometimes 2 accounts out of three, instead of accurately closing the positions in full.
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    Yes, that is one problem. Unfortunately there are more.:mad:
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