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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by benysl, May 4, 2006.

  1. benysl



    does anybody know if there is a way I can configure IB to inform me that I have a order filled done via SMS or by email.

    So if I have a order and it is filled it will inform me by email or sms.

    I ask because I am trying to run a automated system and afraid it will screw me up and buy and sell numerous time. So it is better to play safe.

    Or is there any way I can specify in IB to take only 10 order for a day?? (cos my system generate at most 4 orders only)

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. def

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    do a search on the user guide for alerts
    and then choose the "assign message alerts to actions"

    Here's the first blurb on that page of the manual. the balance of the page which I'm not posting provides specific details.

    Assign Message Action to Alerts

    Use the Actions to define what should happen when your alert triggers. The Messages tab allows you to create email and SMS messages, display a pop-up message (that you compose!) on your trading window, and instruct market data rows to flash.
  3. benysl


    but isnt that only apply to price target alert??
    Cos I am using a Auto Robot to trade so I wont know what price to set.
    What I need is everytime there is a order that is filled / done it will send sms or email.

    Thank for you help I will relook that portion
  4. Sabia


    This is an old post but is this possible please?

    Seems as benysl mentioned the alerts are only price based, not if trades have been filled.

    Thanks Sabia