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  1. Hi everyone, apologies for asking something that may have been answered before. Looking for some advice from seasoned traders and/or Interactive Broker("IB") users. I intend to day trade stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE. I have signed up with IB but not sure which data subscriptions to start with.

    From my research it seems as if the below are the main feeds for stock data on NASDAQ and NYSE:
    -US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle
    -US Equity and Options Add-On Streaming Bundle [includes NYSE (CTA/Network A), AMEX (CTA/Network B), NASDAQ (UTP/Network C)]
    -Nasdaq TotalView-OPenView (Level II)
    -NYSE Open Book (Level II)
    -NYSE ArcaBook (Level II)

    Could anyone please comment on the above selection and suggest any changes/additions?

    Been trying to contact IB but not been able to get in contact with them thus far.

    Many thanks
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    No you need snapshot bundle (normally free) + 3x $1.50 per month subscription (NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX).

    This was changed some years ago (before that you only needed the free bundle)
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    Looking at the site it seems that AMEX is not there anymore. So in that case you only need these 2:

    NYSE American, BATS, ARCA, IEX and Regional Exchanges (Network B) Top of Book (L1) USD 1.50

    NASDAQ (Network C/UTP) Top of Book (L1) USD 1.50
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    O no, the first is AMEX, you also need this one:

    NYSE (Network A/CTA) Top of Book (L1) - Billed by Interactive Brokers USD 1.50

    So my first post was correct... Still the same as it always was...
  5. comagnum


    Speaking of IB - anyone here trade the DAX mini FDXM? They removed the symbol. On the DAX contract you can change the multiple from 25 to 5(mini) but the margin required shows as 239,412(eur).

    The IB margin page shows the DAX-mini margin is €9,447 & the full size is €47,235.

    If anyone can help with this would be greatly appreciated - mahalo.


    IB symbol FDXM (does not exist)

    IB symbol DAX

  6. Your first screen shot shows the artificially created stitched instrument (indicated by the "infinite" symbol). It could be that IB uses the full size DAX contract to create this chart.
    If you select one specific contract, with a specific expiration date, do you then get to see the correct contract size and margin requirements?
  7. Amazing, thank you qwerty11, really appreciate your input. I see you have left out the Level 2's data for now. I assume you think it is better to get a handle of the platform and then later on add Level 2 when more proficient?
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    I don't think L2 adds anything for most cases. Normally you only need the NBBO (i.e. L1).
  9. Noted, thanks so much for your help, super nice of you! :)
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    OK but I didn't help you good because actually you need the 2 first from your own post.

    So that's the same as the 3 I mentioned but then you also have free options (otherwise you have to buy these for $1.50 per month).

    So what you need:

    1) US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle — IBKR PRO — USD 10.00 Base
    Waived for Activity (if commission per month >= $30)

    2) US Equity and Options Add-On Streaming Bundle — IBKR PRO — USD 4.50

    (sorry for the confusion, and I assume you have IB Pro)
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