Interactive Broker frustration! help with options

Discussion in 'Options' started by newguy05, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    How do you get the Profit&Loss chart at Expiration for options in InteractiveBrokers? Something similar to the attached screenshot (the profit&loss chart).

    After spending about 2 hrs in chat with customer service, the lady has not a clue what i am asking even after showing her the screenshot.

    I signed up for IB because they offer good rates and quote for options on ES futures. But the customer service really cannot even touch optionsxpress :mad:

    thank you
  2. Go to the IB web site and look for the section with all the archived webinars. There you will find (3 I think) webinars that describe and demonstrate all the various option oriented features. Just look at the titles of the webinars that have word "option" in them.

    There is a TON of functionality, but CS is not the place to learn about it all.
  3. thanks i will look through them. But do you happen to know if such function exist in IB? I did check out all the buttons/charts etc.. before contacting CS.

    It's a very common function for options, bit surprised it's so difficult to find (if exist)
  4. Hi Newguy,

    Sorry, had to run out to dr appoint. You will find a lot that is "hard" to find at IB because there is just so darn much stuff they have built in to TWS.

    I believe what you want is part of the Interactive Analytics package. If you haven't already found it, here is the page:

    Scroll down and you'll find a recorded webinar devoted to the functionality of Interactive Analytics, one on Option Trader (the special sub page to trade options chains from inside TWS) and Volatility trader.

    I think it would be really worth your while to view at least the first two.

    It's a shame IB personel is so clueless, but alas that's the way it is. I still wouldn't give up my account with them, but I always realize it's up to me to progress with their functionality.
  5. Try Think or Swim, you find their services and trading program more to your liking.

    Good Luck
  6. Aok


    Sound advice Bundlemaker.
  7. Hi newguy,

    welcome to the world as IB sees it.

    NEVER unless you have taken several ibuprofen call up IB for support. I recommend taking the pills at least a half hour ahead of time but i am not a doctor so you may want to consult with one first.

    when you have a question about IB you will always want to get the answer on ET as it will have a better chance at being correct and you probably will have answer in hand quicker.

    IB is like a crack whore, their cheap and they do the job but you get in service what you pay for.

    Best of luck to you
  8. TOS is the first broker i tried as i heard it has one of the best options platforms, unfortunately it doesnt seem to allow options on futures trading. I tried the demo and couldnt get the chains, and also asked the customer service, which didnt quite get it either what future as underlying means, keep telling me just type in the underlying....when clearly that doesnt work as it doesnt display the option chains when underlying is futures. Anyway cs finally told me they dont have options on futures....

    Bundlemaker, thanks again! will check it out once home. I agree tws is buried with stuff, reminds me of those big clunky ibm softwares in the old days, sure it does everything but you just have to read through dozens of technical manuals to get anything done.

    edit: 1Reason, just saw your post. The problem is i just cant seem to find a good platform that supports options on index futures other than IB. Ninjatrader doesnt even have options, some of the other professional platforms cost way too much. Right now i am using optionsxpress which just has the bid/ask and nothing more, not even the greeks. So IB is definitly a step up, but if there is something better for options on futures that is not too expensive i am all ears!
  9. They don't call it "Motrin IB" for nothing ;)