Interactive Brok down on number again?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by beachboys66, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. :(
  2. working fine 4 me
  3. my page shut down twice today. Just disappears all of a sudden. What kind of crap is that.
  4. Do you trade through IB? You represent Transact Futures so why would it be of any concern what the IB platform is doing.

    Also, I did not have any problems with IB during the FOMC and I didn't see any problems from any other IB users in the chat room today. Perhaps the computer you were using was not up to speed.
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    Talk about advertising, by putting dumb topicc on the message board to advertise.
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  7. YM lost data again for meon IB.
    YM has lost data A FRICKIN LOT recently whenever there's a nice volume surge !

    Is this an IB issue ?
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    I had no problem with the TWS today. Didn't go down once. ES quotes seemed on par or a little ahead of eSignal.
  9. DEF,

    could you give a comment whether the Person who started this thread (Bill Zimmerman) is actually an IB customer ? :D
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    Ecbot went down again for me during the FOMC announcement.
    This is numerous times this has happened with IB during economic reports. The Globex seemed to be fine but since I mainly trade notes this is unexceptable.

    I also run Tradestation and there was no problems with it's Ecbot feed.

    I also talked to another trader that runs TT and he had no problems.

    This was this last straw for me: bye, bye IB: looking for a new broker!
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