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  1. Hello everyone,

    There are some useful Sentiment indicators based on FX Options trading activity and US Yeild Curve analysis.

    Just to start a discussion...

    As of 07/25/08, US Options Markets Open Interest Ratio was:

    EUR/USD 1.13 Neutral
    GBP/USD 1.85 Bearish
    USD/CHF 3.59 Bearish
    USD/JPY 0.83 Bullish
    AUD/USD 0.35 Bullish

    US Yield Curve is shifting upward, my reading for 10Yr Yield / 2Yr Yield Ratio is -1.57% at a close on 07/25/08 - Bullish for US Dollar..

    Let me know if this is an interesting piece of info. I have more stuff on Oil, Gold, Stocks, Bonds influence on Forex Markets. Inter-Market Analysis is pretty powerful addition to the Trend and Momentum analysis...Opinions welcome!
  2. One of the best intermarket indicators is bonds/ES. Roughly a 90% negative correlation, and one of em always seems to move before the other, giving you a heads up on the lagging contract before it moves. I watch both like a hawk all day (90% of my trading is in these two contracts).
  3. Not sure what you referring to, but thanks. Do you understand put/call ratio and US Yield Curve readings?
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    Hi Intermarket, what about oil (apart from the USD, indeed)?

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    Internal ratios are read from an advancing position relative to a declining, who are always one.

    A ratio of .11, for an example, would be 1 appreciating stock or option for every 10 depreciating. Not the best of odds for a call or long.

    Yield curve spreads are simliar but a little bit more complex.,3206,1070+12541,00.html
  6. Very simple, just referring to prices of ES and ZB. Extremely highly correlated. Sharp movement in one more often than not gives a heads up to take the other the opposite direction, before it breaks. I do this all the time (doing it as I type actually).

    Yes, I used to look at put/call and yield curve stuff ages ago. Complicated things too much. I take my trading as simple as humanly possible. Don't use "indicators" either.
  7. Dear Jayford, what are you trading? I am trying to reach FOREX traders.