intenet provider for home trading

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  1. what is the best internet service provider to trade frome home with
  2. Cable and DSL for back up and have a cheapo account for dial up just in case.

    Cable = $50/month
    DSL = $20/month
    Dial up = $10/month

    Having all three = priceless
  3. That's too subjective too answer, seriously. Sign up for and check the fourm for your area and see what ppl. like. I run Comcast cable anywhere from 6 meg down to 9 meg down during RTH and 350kb up. The guy at the trade desk says he hates Comcast and is sueing them for shitty service and kicking them off their network. Qwest tell me I can get DSL with 8 meg down and approx. 796 up. That comes from a call center in India. I think I will stick with Comcast. Heck if you can get Verizon FIOS that is the way to go, hands down. They smoke everybody for value. Use the search feature. There is alot written. To complicate things more you can get a dual wan router or have to NIC cards in you PC for failover. Check the search it's all there. Good luck.

  4. I use Embarq dsl. Hasn't faltered since I got it.
  5. If you are referring to broadband (cable, dsl, fiber, etc) it doesn't matter what "the best" is (which is highly subjective anyway)... all that matters is what is "the best" thats available in your geographic area.

    If you're asking for dialup, I have nothing to say.

    Good luck,
  6. welll i have time warner cable,
    i am a technical dummy and they said the fastest i can get is 12 mbps under Road Runner, is that any good? This was their premium package/ i do not have verizon fios available in my area yet.

    is that good?
  7. Surdo


    I have the standard Road Runner and it is plentyyyyyyyy fast.

    6887 kbps Download
    489 kbps Upload
  8. Download speeds are interesting especially if you want to add porn to your day ... but ...

    They are not the real issue for a trader. Our volume requirements are not normally very high.

    Traders need:
    - enough bandwidth (probably 128kpbs would meet most needs so my 15,000kbps is really overkill).
    - reliability (genuinely diverse services like cable from one and dsl from another with no corporate common points are good)
    - low latency (smallest possible ping time to your brokers' servers).
  9. I think to add to Kiwi's point, you want under 100 milliseconds of latency on that ping test. I use the tools section of and I get 76milliseconds top going from Denver to NY servers. It was about the same to one of my brokers in Chicago, sometimes less.
  10. i dont know what any of this stuff means,

    all i want to know is if road runner says they can get me internet speed of 12 mbps, is that good or not?
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