Intels mediocre future

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by john33, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. john33


    Windows 8 with ARM chip support spells out a mediocre future for Intel chips. Think we will see netbooks and laptops with ARM chips cheap enough to be an impulse buy for many. Microsofts' support could be just what these devices need to gain widespread approval. Also HPQ recently announced the introduction of ARM based chips into the server market in a move towards increasing efficiency.
  2. john33


    Are they also willing to lower the price 20x ?
  3. maxpi


    low power is a big factor going forward. So incredibly many more processors of the future will run on batteries and battery life is a very big factor in product comparisons...

    I worked in Pacemakers for two decades, the engineers that could master the realm of low power were kings, looks like they have a chance to work their way out into more mainstream products... we designed our own processors pretty muchly, they were state machines basically...

    I'm not sure if the Intel-style processors or the ARM style are better in the new arena of increased processing capability with less power consumption..