Intelligent people 'less likely to believe in God'

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    Atheists score higher on IQ tests than religious people according to some research. Does this mean that people accept religious beliefs because they are dimwitted? Not necessarily.

    Atheists are probably more intelligent than religious people because they benefit from many social conditions that happen to be correlated with loss of religious belief. When one looks at this phenomenon from the point of view of comparisons between countries, it is not hard to figure out possible reasons that more intelligent countries have more atheists and that more intelligent states in the U.S. also have more nonbelievers. Here are some. Highly religious countries:

    •Are poorer.
    •Are less urbanized.
    •Have lower levels of education.
    •Have less exposure to electronic media that increase intelligence.
    •Experience a heavier load of infectious diseases that impair brain function.
    •Suffer more from low birth weights.
    •Have worse child nutrition.
    •Do a poor job of controlling environmental pollutants such as lead that reduce IQ.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    my last corporate IQ test gave me a 142. i believe in God.
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    Do you happen to have access to any data on the theist/atheist composition of the group that makes IQ tests?
  4. you also believe vaccine causes autism when dozens of scienticic studies show no link. enough said i think.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    please do not put words in my mouth. i did not say vaccines cause autism. i said i believe there is a link to the vaccination process and ingredients to increased cases of autism.

    just because you do not believe it doesnt make it incorrect, how is that "enough said"? i still have the IQ score attributed to me and that throws water in the face of your OP.
  6. it calls into question your critical thinking ability. a lack of critical thinking is necessary to believe in gods.
    here is a little education to challenge you thinking:
  7. 2 countries that are nearly 100% atheist are China and north korea and they are those exact descriptions.
  8. Here he is again calling all muslims idiots.
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    Why do you believe that?
  10. Oooh! We have an Einstein in this forum!
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