Intelligent Order Routing

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Axiom, Nov 26, 2001.

  1. Axiom


    Does anyone have any opinion on the "Intelligent Order Routing" option in TradeStation 6? I'd like to know what kind of fills people have gotten and whether or not it makes sense to stick to manual order routing. Any comments on "intelligent order routing" experiences with other brokers would also be appreciated.

  2. My view: don't rely on anything but your own routing skills ... keep total control... top racing drivers use manual gears, not automatic gears, to stay in full control of their car.
  3. Turok


    >top racing drivers use manual gears, not
    >automatic gears, to stay in full control of
    >their car.

    Not anymore. After banning "driver aids" for much of the '90s, Formula One (where the "top racing drivers" reside) backed off and the field again went auto this year. Stomp the throttle, push the launch control button and off you go.

    In the early '90s before the ban, Mclaren ruled the roost with these devices winning 15 of 16 races one season.

    The computer rules again.

  4. Turok


    Oh, and I'm with Candletrader on the routing thing.