Intellectuals: Fareed Zakari GPS ... can you guys see?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Gringinho, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Fareed Zakari GPS with a roundtable now ....
    The insights from around the world is what I am talking about - the lack of trust now.

    You guys need to start THINKING!!!

    There is a systemic bias towards the elitists that has been trumped through and let to power by the elitists with blinding rhetoric about "liberation" and "defense".

    You guys need to stop popping those blue pills...

    Stop living in a haze of indoctrination and smoking a bud through your piped nostrils. You are all drugged and brainwashed.

    If you guys are EVER to have a democracy and better TRUST - you need to start building trust.
    Start with your political system first - representative direct democracy is the start of such a change.

    Have you forgotten that trust and integrity is the foundation for all business? I learned that years ago, and founded 5 companies - then retired a few years before turning 30. I now am into offshoring and outsourcing again - but I carry the insight with me. I know how to build trust in my business interactions, and I DESIGN OUT flaws or emerging systemic BIAS.

    Wake up, please. Start thinking for yourselves. Stop consuming the elitist propaganda.
  2. While you are at it everybody, wake up and piss, the world is on fire!!
  3. Nah,
    most of you are to lazy to lift a finger and vote for anyone trying to make a change anyway. You are all brainwashed and think that you have NO OTHER OPTION than voting for either of the two elite parties...

    You think that you are all powerless to the managerial elite and their lackeys.

    Fractals, I bet you do don't even bother following any of the links I present - because you are indoctrinated and "numbed down" to not letting anything get to your belief system fed to you by the elite for so long.

    You don't know what to do right now - and you feel powerless. While all the time - you have the choice to change something. You are just to blind to realize it - because your brain is filled with useless, aligned information from the elite... Your whole existence is INVESTED in following their bidding and being a small link in their system of flow of world resources. You don't have BALLS to do anything, not even taking a piss. You just want to sit down with your TV-dinner and have a laugh with some bigotry TV-show...

    What has happened - and rightly commented in the book The Shock Doctrine - is that when you feel powerless and in a state of shock - you LET THE NEOCONS do their best, and reshape things - put you in a new straight-jacket again.

    Then you take your Xanax and go to sleep. Pity is the right word...