Intellectual property is dying. Free movies and TV shows.

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  1. There's a gazillion youngun's out there who assume ALL of it should be totally FREE. Music, movies, books, etc.
    The world, as always, is changing.
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    That is why the best way, so far, to make people pay is some kind monthly subscription that could be tiered, that will give unlimited access to all content. This way the hassle of looking elsewhere is not worth the effort.

  3. My daughter was watching free stuff on one of these sites - couldn't believe it.

    The new Transformers was also offered.

    Let the uninformed pay their $20 for a movie and a Coke!
  4. Little do they understand that one day there will be no more new movies, music or books because nobody wants to work for free.
  5. Market balancing system. Actors get paid what millions for a few months of work?
  6. We'll just have to risk it.
  7. There are hundreds sometimes even thousands of people involved in the making of a movie. Not all of them are getting a million dollars. Many get about $100 per day.
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    Consider it as extention of DVD rental subscription. If a rental company can send you movies disks by post, why can't they stream movies over the Web?

    Apparently, it doesn't work like this (yet). A few services I checked out offer tens of thousands of (junk) movies inclusive but out of 10 recent movies I wanted to see 8 were offered only on "pay per view" basis.
    Not with £25 cinema tickets for the most recent Harry Potter movie, not with retail prices of Blueray disks.
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    People that go after internet freebies get viruses. Probably Apple users don't get viruses because they make good consumer decisions and they aren't obsessed freebie hounds...
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