Intellectual Property and Piracy

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  1. fanews


    Does youtube and many intellectual property piracy free for all?

    The internet has allowed copyright infringement and piracy to be violated freely and the government can't regulate online piracy.

    The cost is lost of jobs in the entertainment industry. There are people going to jail for counterfieting Luis Vuitton bags same as copyright infringement in internet.

    it's the government job to enforce laws or have no laws at all.

    music and movie piracy is rampant. google even think it can scan books in the library and not paying the authors?

    people think content should be 'free' and don't have a problem with piracy on the internet.

    downloading illegal pirated music or movies is same as stealing it from store.

    lost taxes and lost jobs in the economy from rampant piracy. there is no free lunch.
  2. False dichotomy.

    Welcome to the new world order.
  3. RedDuke


    While I agree with you about piracy moral issue, the jobs are not in copying the content, the most jobs are in creating it.

    The old pricing model is what drives people to piracy. It just does not work any longer. I was in bestbuy this past weekend, and saw some blue ray dvd priced at $69.99. Common, this is too much.

    The studios and at some degree the actors/musicians are the ones who are hurt the most by piracy.

    The pricing/distribution model needs to change, and itunes plus netflix are helping, but not there yet.
  4. If there was some or a lot of money in the middle of the street, would you pick it up knowing you won't suffer any consequences or leave it knowing it didn't belong to you?
  5. Bob111


    how do you call this?

    i would call it racket. they no better than those,who stealing. why 20-30 years old music cost like 16$ for cd? how many songs that you like is on it? why movie industry can and do have flexible policy and you can buy couple years old movie for like $5 or so. why no such thing in music industry? why they not even trying to be fair? i have no problem paying like 3-5$ for some CD's released a decade ago. but i'm not gonna pay $16 for few songs. no fucking way
  6. Bands make their money touring now.

    Which is great really. Get to see your band wherever you live.
  7. hiptogo


    yeah it sucks for the artists and everyone but
    like how itunes and apps make money,
    make it affordable for everyone and convenient.