intellectual dishonesty noted

Discussion in 'Politics' started by whitster, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. claim was made that blair was not socialist.

    i provided evidence that he, and his party, have a socialist platform PER THEIR constitution. specifically, that they are democratic socialist

    i note that the OP could not support their position with ANY evidence.

    yet, cannot admit he/she/it is wrong


    other claim was made by our resident troll that bush gave special treatment to a certain saudi family (lol) in whisking them out of the US after 911.

    also debunked with evidence

    did troll admit he/she/it was wrong?

    of course not. provide actual evidence? of course not

    keep this in mind when wasting time with zzz the troll. if having meaningless arguments with a bigoted troll who can;'t admit it's wrong,.is yer cup of tea, otoh - have fun
  2. What is the evidence debunking that? I thought there is evidence reinforcing that treatment one of which was posted by another member.

  3. try a search. i provided the evidence, culled from snopes, if i recall correctly. posted in the last week or so

    my point is about evidence. he made a claim. fine. i rebutted that claim with specific, referencable, cited EVIDENCE

    either he should provide contrary evidence to support his claim (hey, he MAY be right, that's not the point), or admit he has no such evidence.

    he did neither

    do a simple search - "snopes" and "saudi" should cover it

    if i make a claim "men, on average are taller than women", i do not NEED to provide evidence. i think we all know it's true. however, if i make a claim (w/o evidence) and somebody rebuts it WITH evidence, then the honest thing to do is to provide evidence to support my claim, or admit that i was either misinformed, or uncertain, or whatever

    the saudi thing is a Michael Moore canard. it has no basis in fact

    or do you have EVIDENCE :)

  4. Ricter


    Can we really take snopes as gospel though? Anyone can make a website.

    Just asking.
  5. no, we can't. i never claimed that. i said it is EVIDENCE. i would be more than happy to see corroborating or conflicting evidence.

    i said it was debunked. snopes is just the beginning, but it's give and take. where is the evidence to SUPPORT the claim?

    my point was about zzz's intellectual dishonesty, not the underlying verity of the caim
  6. TGregg


    Yet another crusader with evidence that a liberal infestation of EliteTrader ChitChat is FoS. What a surprise, what next, is the world not going to end in five years?

    Nobody expects anything different. The gomers from the left with their 911/kennedy/elvis theories run Chit Chat, witness the majority that believe 9/11 was some sort of fraud.

    And to think this once was a respected trading board.