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  1. I would like to understand why this thread:

    was demoted to Chit-Chat from Technical Analysis. I offer an unconventional but totally plausible theory of market pricing. Are we to assume that ET is so small-minded that it cannot tolerate unorthodox thinking? My intention was to share with ET the scientific construct with which I extract money from other ETer's every day on multiple time scales. I am astounded that ET encourages the foolishness of the Hershey S&P 500 scalping "method", but cannot even give me a second post to elucidate a unified theory of trading. Pah!
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    Demoted??? Rather, promoted!!!
  3. yea...nice theory.....

    unless you make pretty charts out of it; its not TA :D
  4. If this fella ain't hawking his wares under the guise of slick bullshit then Rubberbird is a world class trader. SPAM ALERT!!!

    Rennick outs another one,, BOOOHAAAA:cool:
  5. All of you are cordially invited to reconvene in Journals at the Hershey scalping thread. It will function for you like a transmission to match your low intellectual torque to the rubber meeting the market's road. Technical Analysis permits pure derivative rubbish like the Confabulation thread to remain there. Just because it has a chart? Yet when I attempt to discusss the five prime motile functions moving the market they think I'M a fraud. Just as well that I didn't mention the associated time-varying multiplicative scalar fields to avoid initial confusion. Your loss. Over the years I have given ET numerous scraps from my bountiful table, most recently the Net Tails Indicator. No more. The height of intellectual activity here seems flatlined at moving averages to judge from the numerous recent threads started on that shopworn old topic. Some other idiot even resurrected rainbows. Take your elementary ed baccalaureates and toddle back to the dunce's corner. You're not up to radically novel thinking about the markets.
  6. dude, this is a marketing site... just lower your expectations a bit...
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    Hey Bill, it is nice that you are after spamming a website for 6-8 months now part of the spam police!

    I am happy that you turned away from the dark side and saw the light! :)
  8. I'm still a very happy client of said service. Ever since I've stopped talking about it I've been doing even better. I truly believe when you broadcast live trades or the daily market forecasts that you are throwing a jinx on them. It's just bad luck.

    Nice hearing from ya peckerloaf.

  9. This twit reminds me of the fiancee from the movie Titanic in the scene where he's smoking a cigar and drinking cognac. I bet this stuck up dude doesn't have the balls to actually place a trade.

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    For the record, I thought the original post was a joke, and I thought it was funny.
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