Intel Xeon X5650 ES 2.66 GHz 12MB 6.4GT/s Hex Core Processor Q3QN

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WinstonTJ, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. They are finally starting to get out onto the market.

    Get them while you can - Rumor is they clock up to ~3.4Ghz on air. They are on eBay cheap. I bought six today.
  2. Six? Wow, what's your primary use? Backtesting & simulation?
  3. I ended up buying 8 CPUs total, not just six.

    At home two Dell T7400's run VMware, each with two quad-core x5482 CPUs and 32GB of DDR2 RAM. They run my firewall, NAS, internet computer (that I'm typing this on), Active Directory, TV & movie computer, a few development machines and some old junk I really need to get rid of, etc. - two pairs of CPUs will go to upgrade those machines from Dell T7400's to T7500's (and DDR2 to DDR3 memory).

    At work...

    One pair will go to a hosted client - I think they are using Matlab or R to do portfolio optimization but I have a "don't ask/care/tell" policy so all I know is they want more cores and more RAM. They are on a Dell Poweredge R610 rack mount server with dual W5580 CPUs and 32GB of RAM. They want to go up to 64GB of RAM and want 12 logical cores. All I know is that it's a Windows Server 2008 operating system, no idea what they are doing on it.

    The last pair will go to a spare machine just to upgrade from dual quad-core to dual hex-cores... because I can :cool:

    It seems like stupid overkill but two 6-core CPUs is like three quad core CPUs. Considering they draw about the same power it's not a bad upgrade while these things are available.