Intel Warns on 1Q Gross Margin, NDX futures now down...

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    nasdaq down again tomorrow....INTEL is going to bring all tech down tomorrow.

    Intel Warns on 1Q Gross Margin
    Monday March 3, 6:32 pm ET
    Intel Says 1st-Quarter Gross Margins Squeezed by Lower Prices for NAND Flash Memory Chips

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Intel Corp. says it is trimming its gross margin forecast for the first quarter due to lower-than-expected prices for NAND flash memory chips
    The chipmaker says all its other financial projections remain the same.

    For the quarter ending in March, Intel expects gross margins of 54 percent, plus or minus a point. The Santa Clara, Calif., company previously expected a gross margin of 56 percent, plus or minus a point.

    NAND chips are used in MP3 players, cameras, USB flash drivers and cell phones.
  2. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone following computer products. Flash drives (made with NAND) are dirt cheap compared to where they were 2 years ago.

  3. es - 6 nq - 13
  4. After a generous GOOGle $10 gift for using their buying system, I just picked up a 2 Gig Flash card for $2.99 ,shipped. Worthless American Dineros no less.

    Must be a lot of margin in that.

    And not much movement in the futures here.
  5. Finally a Quad Core for everyone...