Intel versus ARM

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Archin, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Archin


    This race is heating up a bit. Intel processors will be featured in the next Samsung Galaxy Tab, a small inroads into the mobile market for them. Samsung is one of the top sellers though, so this is a decent accomplishment. ARM holding stock trades at fairly high multiples right now. Stock was in the 20's just last year. The smartphone/ tablet market is the only 'relatively' high margin field for them. Apple was possibly considering Intel for iphone/ipad recently, don't think they scored that deal though.
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    Worth noting that armh stock is $40, down $10 from the high, which was made fairly recently
  3. Ellman


    I don't know the ARM holdings are they good like intel?
  4. how do the market shares compare?
  5. Gyles


    I see ARM having a lot of influence in the future. Tablets are the way of the future and Intel has missed the boat on that transition for a large part. They might be able to wrestle it from ARM but I could see ARM’s multiples coming down due to higher profits.
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    Arm might have some influence but I doubt Intel is going away any time soon... They have the money and brand recognition to make a dent in the tablet market. If they could ever strike a deal with Apple to put Intel mobile chips in the iPads they'd be golden.

    Arm's market is based a lot on being the first one to market.
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    Based off the chart, I see the potential for a major breakout with Intel. A multi-year base breakout.
  8. ARMH makes less than $600 million a year in profits currently. Any disruptions in their license sales will cripple this company. And losing to Intel will be even more painful because ARMH is still small enough with regard to revenue and profits on their balance sheet for Intel to overtake them on the mobile space. With series of good moves from Intel, ARMH can turn into the next AMD.