Intel SSD 320, 80GB, $70... <$1/GB, AR. Offer expires tomorrow

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  1. FWIW... I do a fair amount of copy/backup to USB drives. Instead of using traditional thumb/flash drives, I use "SSD in external USB drive enclosure". This 80GB* drive in an enclosure has a bit larger capacity than a 64GB thumb drive and is up to 400 TIMES FASTER on small file writes (and about 5-10 times faster on large file operations)... all for about the same cost.

    5-year warranty.

    All of the computers on my home network are running SSDs now. At this price, I've bought a couple of extras.

    *Intel X25-M, G2, 80GB is speedy too. However, X25-M, 40GB is NOT.. about the same speed as other thumb drives.
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    great deal! Thank you!
  3. Yes, considering the original 80G Intel SSD was the X25-M, G1... at $300... about 3-years ago.
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    wow! have to check,if i can squeeze one in my netbook
  5. You probably can. The 2 standard sizes are 9.5MM and 7MM. These drives have a "frame" around them to fit 9.5MM mounting bay.. I believe the frame is removable to fit 7MM bay... haven't tried it myself, however.
  6. Hmm... I looked up my old order on Amazon:

    July 30, 2010
    Items Ordered Price
    1 of: Intel 40 GB X25-V Value SATA II MLC Solid-State Drive - Retail Box SSDSA2MP040G2R5 [Personal Computers]
    Condition: New
    Sold by: LLC

    Price erosion curve: 18 month... price dropped about 35%, capacity doubled... faster of course... I wish price erodes faster though. :)
  7. I have a lot of programs, this one seems small. Can I load Windows 7 and trading platforms to this SSD, and keep the original hard drive with Windows 7 and majority of the programs? Just boot from different drive. Any suggestion? Thank you Scataphagos.
  8. Yes, I believe so.

    Lots of users are putting OS and a few frequently used programs on small SSD and using a larger spinner drive for everything else. (Seagate is doing this same principle in their XT(?) line of drives... small flash drive segment.. like 16GB... and a spinner drive coupled together.)
  9. With the new SSD, you need to reinstall Windows 7 and your trading platform on it, as you said. You also would need to re-install all other programs (now on a different drive, say "D:" instead of "C:") on the SSD too, most likely. Unless they are simple programs. Because as you install those programs, they are likely to create a bunch of registry entries, all pointing to the C:\Program Files\MyAppName or C:\Program Files (x86)\MyAppName, which is now invalid.

    I suppose you can try to manually create some links to fool Windows. May be some works involved.
  10. Thank you Bolimomo.

    In order to save some room on SSD (the "D" drive), I leave many programs on the original drive "C", do these programs still work without installing on "D"?
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