Intel reports after the close!!

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    Another low balled EPS estimate at .53...It should be no problem for them to easily beat this number.

    Intel looking for .53 EPS

    Revenue $11.37 Billion

    Here we are again looking into more low balled earnings estimates, last quarter Intel eps was 0.52, 0.53 is the prediction for tonight's earnings which is only 1 single penny from what they earned last quarter.

    As for the revenue it came in $11.1 Billion last quarter.

    Intel is forecasting revenue of $11.4 billion, plus or minus $400 million, in the fourth quarter.

    So how hard will it be for Intel to beat the .53 EPS, I say not hard at all. EPS is being low balled and think .57-.60 is where it comes in at.
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    Eps right around my prediction of .57-.60

    For the fourth-quarter, Intel posted revenue of $11.5 billion. The company reported fourth-quarter operating income of $4.3 billion, net income of $3.4 billion, and EPS of 59 cents.
  3. i was secretly hoping for tomorrow's WSJ headline: "Intel Sh$ts The Bed!"
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    Don't lose your hope. The price action tomorrow might be totally different from what you see now.
  5. I don't understand why there should be bearish sentiment. Every argument I see is that the market has gone up so it is coming down. Or the earning targets are low balled, and yet at those targets the P/E is quite reasonable. I assume that if the SPX went down from 1250 to 100, and then rises to 400, the same people who say it is a sell because it is up 300%.

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    Futures up AH, after jpm reports tomorrow morning the market will have erased all of today's losses and close up for the week yet again making it like 7 or 8 weeks in a row now that there hasn't been any pullback!!!

    S&P FUT
    1284.0 2.7 +0.21%
    11706.0 23.0 +0.20%
    2310.25 7.5 +0.33%

    Nasdaq futures by tomorrow morning should be up around 1-1.25%, buy them right now a +.33 and I can tell you they will be up another 3/4 of a percent in the next 12 hours. Its like risk free money.
  7. lol
    Like I told you AGES ago, many times, stop whinging about it and get involved!
    You are IS risk free money. Has been for ages.
    Check out my post history and my LIVE ES calls. Nearly ALL of my posts have been live trades. ALL LONG the ES.
    The ES must go up over time.
    You'll be making these same sort of posts next year when we are at ES 1600 or so and you would have made nothing (or even worse been killed due to shorting it!)

    You cant both complain about the markets relentless upside bias AND keep telling us all that we will keep going higher and that it's 'risk free'. Choose one, lol :cool:
  8. futures are so thinly traded it's not real..this market isn't real. very few traders/investors are buying or selling much of anything.

    the market activity is really low or this is the new normal. afterhours i untradeable and even regular hours is hard dull market.

    the market isn't the same anymore. some stocks that were daytradeable are not not daytradeable. fills used to be instant now it's longer to get filled. many market makers /traders have abandon market and only a few market makers/and traders are left. and even HFT robots have shut down their operations.

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    as long as the music is playing, you've got to get up and dance
    Charles "Chuck" Prince (Ex-Citi CEO)
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    Whats the percentage of volume traded by HFTs oh yea about 80%!!

    The little retail investor is gone from this market, you think they are that foolish to jump into this manipulation, I don't think so, I think maybe on the next collapse below SPX 800 many will sign back in to this market until then its just computers trading the upside.
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