Intel Processor: Mobile or Not?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by short&naked, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. The last laptop I purchased was 2005 and quite a bit has changed since then? How important is it to go with a mobile processor for a laptop? Is there any difference?
  2. Mobile platforms will give better battery life and take away a little performance relative to same-gen desktops. Four years is a good upgrade cycle - anything you buy now will be worlds better in pretty much every way than what you bought then.
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  4. Thanks Random,

    Pretty much figured that would be the answer. The reason I asked this, was that a while back (around late 2002) I blindly bought a laptop with an AMD processor which kept over-heating and frequently led to a hard shutdown of the computer. I was later told that the processor had been designed for a desktop.
  5. Lenovo looking pretty good. :)
  6. Stay away from the Atom CPU, it's dog-slow. They traded away too much processing power for battery-life. Come on, who's going to be using their laptop for 8-12 hrs straight without needing a break? I'd rather keep mine plugged in and get some decent performance out of it. Stay with the Core2Duo models.