Intel or AMD?

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  1. Guys,

    Just wondering if it is worth getting the 64 bit chip that AMD are offering or is intel dual core a better option?

  2. Check out and tomshardware ... 5 months ago core2duo ruled but you never know.

    I'm running an e6600 with 2G of 800Mhz ram and its beautiful :)
  3. It probably doesn't much matter in terms of what you get for the same $ but ....

    The higher end Intel Core 2 Duos (E6600. E6700) outperform AMD.

    Intel has just introduced the Q6600 quad core at something like $550 to $600 for the CPU. That is a lot of computer for the money. AMD will be releasing their quad core later this year. It remains to be seen how it will stack up against Intel.
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    Intel is also releasing new 45nm chips before end of year.. bigger cache, faster speeds, less heat.

    I would wait for new chips since it is so close to the release. Stick with intel if i were you.

    Also intel will be releasing new chipsets when new chips come out, ddr3 memory pcix-2 etc.... patience unless you are desperate for a new box. PS, also Front bus is going to go to 1333 from 1066 as they are now. intel says they plan on coming out with new chips more often to wipe AMD a new can. :cool:
  5. intel core2duo. I've had alot of experience with computer hardware in the past, and built all my computers. Honestly I wouldn't be concerned about a modern processor being too slow for trading. trading is one of the least demanding applications on a processor, you should be more concerned about how reliable your power supply is, internet connections, peripherals etc.
  6. Cool thanks I am looking to have two 19" monitors so I will need a good graphics card I assume? Till now I have only used one monitor
  7. Not a terribly good graphics card ... check other threads in here. You might seek a fanless card if you are building a reasonably quiet system.
  8. I like AMD, kinda rooting for the underdog that might go BK. Both are good. I have both. One thing I don't like about my new AMD dual core is having do upgrade patches from AMD to get the most hp out of it. I am actually testing RM clock with good results.
  9. If you want a dualhead card for "everything except gaming", there's none better than Nvidia Quadro NVS 285 PCIE.... pick one up cheap on eBay. The card supports both VGA and DVI... just get the correct cable with the card.
  10. Hell, you can prolly get a Matrox g450 on Ebay for 20 bucks. They work great for trading, but probably few PCIe cards around. They make em in PCI and AGP.

    Charting is not data intensive at all (as compared to graphics). Just about anything works well, unless you go to large monitors which require high res.

    I am currently using a discontinued Matrox Geronimo Pro quad, which has never had any problems with four 19" monitors at 1280 x 1024. I gave my g450 dual to a friend who is running it fine on a win 98 system! He runs two 19" monitors with a live forex feed. Seamless. His system is prolly worth about $200.

    Most traders go way overboard on the system. Unless you are already profitable and expanding, I say go the cheap route. Works just fine.
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