Intel Misses?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by dinoman, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. dinoman


    This is one thing I have never understood besides being part of the B.S. manuveuring of the U.S. markets.

    A month ago INTC estimates were 34 to 36 cents and since that time it fell to 25 cents.

    Isn't that like saying I was trying to walk down the road , but I trip and smashed my melon, but I expected too?

    It just kills me how the B.S. system of the markets can just change things in days or weeks and when numbers come out the "Oh sheet the smashed earnings" effect kicks in.

    I just wonder when this falacy will end!

    I am not pissed about it for I will play it either way, for I always follow the tape.

    I just want to here someone give me a solid explanation of this farce.
  2. are you a new trader? this has been going on for decades. lower your est's and your stock falls very little and then beat and your stock is higher than before you warned. thats why we need a huge papa bear market to wash out all this 20 years of fraud.