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    What do you guys think of Intel's 2600k i7 ? Anyone built a rig using 2600 i7 recently?? The 2600k is the unlocked one but gives the option of overclocking later on if needed-all for around $225 right now. Socket 1155.

    I am deciding between building my own rig or buying one and so far building seems to be going for me. Havent built one in almost 6 years since it wasnt that much cost effective back then-only 200-400$ difference but seems now its much more plus the flexibility 'cause of so many options in PCI-e x16, intel's processors ( its mind boggling between the various i5 and i7 and AMD's x6). The price difference now seems more like in 500-1000$ range between building your own and buying one.
  2. Actually, the price differential is even LESS than before. Use the configurator at as a reference.

    The new iX's have a chipset issue which is scheduled to be resolved some time in April. Should postpone such purchases until at least then. However, a strong, i7-960 rig can be had for about $1000-1100 right now.
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    I recently built a 2500k. Crappy heat sink fan. can't be used for overclocking. I think the 2600k has a better one.

    Got one of those messed up sandy bridge boards too. :D
    All kind of annoying issues with the new board(Asrock extreme 4)

    Serves me right for dropping rock solid AMD and going early adoption at a premium for Intel.

    Haven't notice any difference from amd 5600+ to i5 2500k but that's just me I guess.
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    you do know that you can exchange yr old board for a new one cause of recall

    Right now mono and CPU combo for 2600k is running around $550- pretty good deal IMHO- will check the ibuypower configurator to see what could be total cost for such a rig

    My current one is also AMD but I am leaning towards intel now- this is first one I am building/buying in last 4+ years- upgraded the old one a lot to the point where it's really no use upgrading anymore- my cost for building will be lower than buying a brand new cause lots of components are still usable like 750w ps, graphics card, HD etc

    I can't really beleive that you don't notice much difference between 5600+ and a 2500 intel i5 - but I ll take your word for it

    what kind of graphics card and power supply you got? And what motherboard ? Are you overclocking it? As for the heat sink I almost never go with the stock one- plenty of good ones under$50 available on newegg or tigerdirect- it's a critical cponent
  5. I just got a new machine with the i7 2600. very nice and super fast.
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    2600K i7, Asus workstation WS Revolution motherboard.

    After screwing around with the sandybridge issues and a new mobo they replaced and after a bios update.............. ran the TURBO, NOT the Extreme overclock and it went to 4428 and has not skipped a beat since. I was a chicken to try the Extreme overclock because i need reliability also, it runs all day from about 0800 Est to ES close, 1620...........shut it down until next day.

    I actually forgot i overclocked it to that speed. just a single duel NVS vid card, 2 19 inch square screens, gets the job done. On another box i also run 1 or 2 screens, also 19 inch square jobs. that box is about 3 years old, water cooled.......runs like a charm...........

    Simply ROCKS!!!!
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    I thought the intel core i7-990x was the fast processor? It should be for $1,000 on newegg.
  8. Actually, it's the Intel Xeon W3690.
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    Not as bad as I thought. It's $80 more than the 990x. These must be some nasty fast processors.
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