Intel HD 2000 Graphic Card --> 2 monitors

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  1. I just bought a dell desktop with Intel HD 2000 on. The back of the computer got one blue plug (VGA) and one HDMI plug. I was told by a computer store staff that a VGA splitter won't work. Is it possible to connect one using the VGA plug and another using a HDMI adaptor?

    Does anyone know how can I output to two monitors?
  2. Is this video card on motherboard or single adaptable card?

    Does it has dvi port? Usually, these kind of video card split into 1 analog (VGA/D-Sub); 1 digital(DVI-D/hdmi). You can't have 2 analog or 2 digital at same time.

    If it does not have DVI port.Just buy hdmi to dvi converter to use its digital signal to monitor(your monitor only has dvi port, no hdmi port).
  3. the computer doesnt have a DVI port. my monitors support both vga and dvi, so i will buy a HDMI->DVI adaptor and try connecting one monitor to DVI and one to VGA. not sure if it will work.
  4. CMON man get a real computer.
  5. You'll just have to try and see if your onboard video chip will run 2 monitors.

    If not, just get a cheap dual-port video card to run from your PCIEx16 slot.
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    Get an nvidia nvs 295 on ebay.
  7. Or, a 290 or 300.. or GeForce GS8400... others.
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    Eddie Z

    Yes you can use the VGA output and the HDMI output...Windows will recognize both..
  9. Hd2000? Why not get an 80386 while you are at it? Why not just get a discount box or laptop from Walmart versus buying ancient crap?
  10. Moral of the story:
    Buy or build trading computers from the monitors backwards.
    It's the number one thing traders come up short on.
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