Intel earnings after the bell, not a big deal as everyone thinks.

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    No need to worry about intels earnings, they already came out and said things weren't all that well about a month or ago or so, so tonight's earnings from intel are pretty much a non event, the stock price is down over 20% from its highs. Wont really matter one way or another, this rally will stay intact and rally all week and month as everyone cheers QE2.

    EPS is for 50 cents

    Revenue 10.99B

    Just keep in mind that last quarter intel reported .51 cents a share and revenue of $10.8 billion.

    If intel reported .51 last quarter how can .50 be such a difficult beat.

    Think they will come in with an EPS of .54 with revenue just above $11 Billion.

    Only thing that can really send intel down hard are their margins, right now they are looking for 66%. A drop below 65% and it could spell some trouble for intel.
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    A expected.

    Let the rally resume.

    Intel Reports First $11 Billion Revenue Quarter

    * Revenue $11.1 billion
    * Gross Margin 66 percent
    * Operating Income $4.1 billion
    * Net Income $3.0 billion
    * EPS 52 cents
  3. Why are you so clueless ? Intel's earnings contain more clues on why the market is rising then the entire collection of useless posts you litter this board with. The economy is so "weak" according to you, but Intel has record revenues ? And I know you want to go on and on about how overvalued stocks are but by any historical measure Intel is clearly not overvalued. And, I guess they have another $3 billion cash to put to use which you and others on here will somehow attribute to some sort of "fake" economy ?

    So while you go on and on and on about the market there is clearly increased m&a activity meaning companies themselves do not think the stocks they are acquiring are overvalued. In fact, they are willing to pay a premium to buy them in most cases.

    While you are obsessed with the US economy I rarely see you note the tremendous growth rates in China and India, which are in many cases linked very closely to strong earnings of many US based international companies.

    When will you learn there is no reason for a crash of any type for quite some time. In fact, many investors learned in late 2008 and early 2009 that if they listen to idiots like you and sell their stocks at a discount they cost themselves money. There is no huge lineup of people ready to panic sell their assets right now and meet your agenda.

    I see your posts every day and they seem ignorant. I highly doubt that at any point in 2009 and 2010 have you profitted even one cent from your radical thoughts. Basically, you are spamming this board with propoganda that has no value in the trading world.

    Please go away and find another hobby.
  4. why if everything is so great at INTC and with the market happily climbing higher, INTC is still trading at levels of 1 year ago?
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    I have no position on INTC so I believe "Maybe" I will be honest in my opinion.

    I believe INTC result was not good. Next Q will be flat compared to this Q. Cost will go up and that will decrease the margin (true for all tech stocks now).
    3.2B R&D will put a damp on next Q and next year EPS.
    Big fund managers will sell their position tomorrow to buy it later (maybe) in a down day later. INTC will be a dead money for 3 months.
    My prediction is that INTC will close $19 on Friday.
  6. INTC hit $24 earlier this year so for fairly risk adverse investors its not a bad play to try to make 20% return. Oh I know, there are people wanting to plunk their money on a money loser like Citigroup or RDN ( and risk all their capital in the process ), but Intel seems decent for a blue chip investment.

    Predicting Friday's close is irrelevant we all know anything going up on option expiry week will be weak on Friday. However, like in the case of TXN ( a recent wrong call you made ), I suspect there is a little more upside in INTC then you are suggesting.
  7. I have this odd feeling that INTC is going to fall like a rock wed.

    Not sure why, but its a gut feeling.
  8. Undoubtedly, I have to agree on the tremendous growth rates in China and India...and elsewhere in Asia. But : how much revenue is Intel generating in Asia compared to Europe and US ?

    Intel CEO: Soft consumer market in U.S., W. Europe...

    Intel CFO: Seeing slower growth in consumer....
  9. Your username tells it all....:D
  10. Margins 67%

    The rule with Intel and margins- sell it when the margins are high or near records ( as they've been this year) and buy when they're low -- what's the lower boundary for margins to buy the stock, 40% ??
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