Intel downgraded

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by website, Nov 19, 2009.

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    damm thats the first big downgrade i've seen since this speculative crazy 70% rally started 8 months ago. maybe wall street looking out to mid 2010 and it looks ugly
  3. I don't get this - there has to be a lot of pent up IT demand from delayed purchasing from late 2008 and early this year. Most of those new boxes will have Intel chips in them.

    I'm just not seeing the logic here.
  4. Tide31


    He had the timing right with DELL missing next day, they didn't really give a dismal outlook for Q4 though at DELL. With INTC in a 5 month range between $18.50 and $20 and seeing as they bumped dividend by 10 percent to 3.30 yield i don't see much downside from $19. The analyst at Merrill totally hedged himself though, see pickup in inventory "barring any pickup in the economy". With a .63 cent annual dividend cushion now I think its a pretty safe bet on the economy picking up because downside with that payout makes it a pretty good risk/reward.
  5. I agree with Tide31