Intel cuts revenue on softer demand??

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    Im thinking this morning how is this possible, "DIFFICULT ECONOMIC CONDITIONS" really?

    I guess the intel news today and the fedex news the other day is just news that isnt worth hearing on wallstreet, guess the news out of europe and their bailout plans are more important news wise than some of the biggest companies here in the US warning of slowing sales and earnings.

    Intel Cuts Revenue Outlook on Softer Demand
    The Associated Press | September 07, 2012 | 09:10 AM EDT

    Intel is cutting its third-quarter revenue forecast due to softer-than-expected demand for its chips amid difficult economic conditions.

    Intel chips go into about 80 percent of personal computers and into a vast number of servers as well, making it a bellwether for spending on computers.

    The company now expects revenue of about $13.2 billion, but says that figure could be up or down $300 million. Its prior guidance was for revenue between $13.8 billion and $14.8 million.

    Analysts surveyed by FactSet predict revenue of $14.21 billion.

    Intel shares [ INTC 24.37 -0.725 (-2.89%) ] dropped in trading before the market open.

    Intel said emerging market demand is slowing and that there is weakness in its enterprise PC unit. It is also seeing customers trimming inventory in the supply chain compared to the normal inventory growth it typically sees in the third quarter. Intel said that its data center business is meeting expectations.

    The Santa Clara, Calif., company also lowered its gross margin forecast to 62 percent, give or take 1 percentage point. Its previous forecast was for gross margin of 63 percent, give or take 2 percentage points.

    The company will report its third-quarter financial results on Oct. 16.
  2. The adage, "The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent," comes to mind.

    I don't get it either. Europe throws the market a bone without really solving anything and the market goes nuts. Unfortunately, I have mostly missed out on this run up because I just didn't have the nads to really be bullish on anything. I took a profit on IDCC this morning and still am long GLD. I am tempted to take my profit on that. I took a loss yesterday on what was a speculative SPY put. I am mostly on the sideline, good or bad.

    ETA: I am tempted to buy some INTC but I just can't pull the trigger for thinking there will be a better buying opportunity in the next 30 days. INTC is one I have had good luck trading too but I am not smart enough to figure out how to trade anything at the moment.
  3. intc has lost the market. pc are commodities and people have moved on to mobile devices where intc has no market.
  4. i wont buy intc until the teens.
  5. Good luck with that. I have been waiting for RGR to get to $37.50 again.
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    Yes the INTC and FDX news, and even the jobs report today is showing that the economy is severely deteriorating...

    this is all GREAT news for the stock market... it means more chance for QE3!!

    Don't you know, the worse the economy gets the closer we get to more QE which means the stock market goes up!

    Oh and if we get any good news thats great for the economy and the stock market has to go up as well!!!

    Bull market forever!!!!
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    well if they don't act this month on qe3
    the bears will rip this market a new one
    expect a big move lower, regardless
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    lol they said the same thing the last 5 times the market has run up on Bernanke talks, and the last time Draghi said he would do whatever it takes then followed it up with doing nothing...
  9. hitnrun


    the market will correct & come back to reality , as it always does

    so stay long & hope with the others the bull ride continues Lol.

    I will be laughing all the way to the bank
  10. most PC processors sit idle or at best 10% cpu.

    Most people just use PCs for surfing/email/wordprocessing.

    So no incentive to upgrade.
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