Intel Core 2 Quad

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ratchorg, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Intel Core 2 Quad CPU

    This is a 64 bit CPU

    will this have problems running 32 bit vista software as well as other 32 bit software?

    Should I get this or stick with the Core 2 duo CPUs?
  2. All modern CPUs have 64-bit capability. They are shipped with 32-bit enabled unless shipped with 64-bit OS.

    64-bit OSs run "32-bit emulation" on 32-bit apps. Totally seamless. You won't even notice.
  3. mtt


    I have a C2Q setup with a 32 bit OS system. No problems. Very smooth.

    I've been reluctant to upgrade to 64 bit because of compatibility issues with older stuff.
  4. Speaking of quads, I have a T3400 with Q9300. I also have some other computers with E8300 C2D.

    For trading, I see virtually no difference... maybe a slight difference in loading-up apps to get started. After that, nearly everything runs from RAM and the CPU sits mostly idle during the trading day.

    I recently did a fresh install on the quad and also had to do an update from a several-month old image on my Vostro with E8300. I noticed the Vostro to be quite "pokey" at doing the updates.

    The computer's speed has to do with more than just the CPU. A good mobo adds to performance.