Intel braced for highest ever EU competition fine ?

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  1. Intel, the world’s biggest chipmaker, is bracing itself this week for one of the heaviest penalties ever levied in Europe for anti-competitive behaviour.

    The European Union is expected to decide to take action against Intel at a weekly meeting of commissioners on Wednesday - the climax of a decade-long investigation into the company’s marketing practices.

    Some lawyers suggest that the record penalties heaped on Microsoft, which combined have topped the €1bn mark during the course of its long battle with Brussels, could be approached or even exceeded, although others are more cautious.

    While the size of the fine may dominate the headlines, many say the European Commission’s ability to order corrective measures could be more damaging to Intel in the long run, forcing it to change the way it does business.

    Intel has consistently denied behaving illegally. “Our business practices are lawful, pro-competitive and good for consumers,” it maintains.

    Is that going to be paid form TARP money, too ?:p
  2. How come we don't fine EU companies in retaliation.