Intel Begins Work on $2.5 Billion Chip Plant in China

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  1. Intel Corp., the world's largest semiconductor maker, began building its first computer-chip manufacturing plant in China, a $2.5 billion investment.

    Intel Chairman Craig Barrett is hosting a ceremony today in Dalian, in northeastern China, on the site of what will become the company's first chip factory in Asia. Intel already has plants for testing and assembling products in other parts of China, the world's biggest market for chips.

    I think, I will buy some Intel shares...:p
  2. This is very interesting. AMD has plans on hold to build a chip plant in NY. Probably China is the place to be, more for your money.
  3. My current Intel CPU is made in Malaysia. Isn't that in Asia already? :confused:
  4. Sounds like it might be.
  5. Assembled in Malaysia; Have you guys seen how the chip has been made?

    The entire chip processing facilities are central control from US; and all these foreign workers are material handlers; and machine calibrators.
  6. Humpy


    Surely this is like selling the family silver. About the only advantage the US has left over China is technology and now that's a virtual giveaway, once the plant opens.
    They would sell their own mothers if there was a quick buck in it for them.


    What a load of bums
  7. mokwit


    US CEO's are so so naive.

    Soon you will see a company called 'Great Wall Processors" or some such emerging, just as Huewei telecom emerged soon after Motorola, Nokia and Ericcson started manufacturing switches there (because of a CPC directive that only those who manufactured in China could supply Chinese telcos).

    Huewei's emergence was just coincidence right, and their displacing Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson in markets worldwide is all part of that'beneficial' competition CEO's keep on about.
  8. Given that they stole various things including the software / hardware for Cisco routers it seems hard to believe that Intel don't realise that anything that goes in there will pop up in Chintel next week.

    They must be planning to only send the stuff that's already been stolen??
  9. Bob Faulkner
    Intel Guidance
    9/10/2007 9:07 AM EDT
    INTC just raised its revenue guidance for the 3rd quarter with the mid-point increasing from $9.3B to $9.6B. Gross margins are expected to be in the "top-half" of its 52% plus/minus a couple of points. Certainly some of this is solid demand as was evidenced by Dell and HP, but some is also coming from AMD's market share