Intel 850e and G450s Work!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TGregg, Jan 30, 2003.

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    Hey all,

    Just got three Dual G450s and plugged them into my 850e Mobo. Works fine so far; I only have three monitors available to test tho. Did two on one card and my main on my GeForce4 4600. By Monday, I should be able to test 8 monitors on my system, and I'll let you know how it works.
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    Got the rest of my monitors yesterday, and they all work well. I'm running 6 right now on 3 Dual G450s and 1 AGP GeForce4 4600.
  3. Ken_DTU


    interesting to know, what specific m/b do you have? those are matrox pci 450s? anything in the agp slot?

    that would be great if it would run several pci multihead cards vs one agp w additional /pci's on an 850e chipset intel m/b (which I couldn't get to work)


  4. Interested to know whether you're running with one of the new 3.06Ghz's as a processor?

    Also, did you go to one of the extreme websites for your configuration, or did you put it together yourself?
  5. I wonder if RAMBUS isn't dead just yet. All the test show that you've got the fastest chipset/memory combo w/o DUAL DDR.
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    True Power 430w PS
    Intel P4 2.26ghz w/ 533mhz FSB
    1 gig PC1066 RAM
    850e GA-8IHXP (running onboard RAID0, sound and NIC)
    3 PCI G450s
    1 AGP GeForce4 4600
    No other cards

    6 Samsung 191Ts, using all the digital outs, and the analog from the GeForce and one analog from one of the 450s.
  7. TGregg


    Designed it and put her together by myself early last summer.
  8. awesome shopping list, wondered whether or not you'd be inclined to upgrade your processor and relegate your existing (new) processor, for the Hyper Threading 3.06Ghz?

    see the demo on, and see the benefits of the advanced features of the hyper threading. their explanation really adds punch to mega users like day trading applicaitons software.

    any thoughts (after seeing the demo)
  9. TGregg


    Haven't seen the demo, but have read about this, sounds pretty neat. I've got more horsepower than I need for now, tho. My CPU hits util highs of 15 to 20% during normal trading, and is usually just idling along - waiting for something to do.
  10. I don't know what kind of software you're running, but I imagine the 3.06 w/ HT would be overkill, which isn't a bad thing at all :) :) :) but that CPU will cost almost twice as much as the next fastest from Intel.

    BTW, HT is not THAT big an improvement and SOME apps actually run slower because they were programed without multi-processors in mind. I think having enough RAM is most important because writes to the hd slow things down A LOT.

    But in my experience, most trading apps are not very processor intensive. I mean a moving average is a pretty simple calculation. :)

    The most important thing in my experience (which is limited) is to have stability. That's why I stay away from RAID, overclocking, cheap components. Get good RAM (Kingston, Corsaire, etc.) a good CPU (Intel--AMD's are good too but they are finicky about power supplies), good motherboard (Intel, Asus, Abit, etc..) with a good chipset (845PE/GE is very fine), good hd (IBM, Western Digital), good power supply (Antec, etc.) and you should be fine for years to come!
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