Intel 80GB SSD $80 w/ 5yr warranty

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  1. In the comments section people are saying Win7 boots in 10 seconds on this SSD.
  2. I know it is a quick point of reference. But people often look at the wrong thing as a yard stick.

    So how often does one reboot Windows in a day anyway? Getting a reboot of 10 seconds versus 30 seconds... Wow!

    If an app just loads and gets its data from the network, and stores thing on RAM and go and go and go... one would never have the advantage of having a SSD. I think they should look at the metrics where they matter.
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    As you say, faster boot is just one of the benefits and usually provided as a point of reference (benchmark). Why waste your life waiting for things to load or install? SSD make those tasks almost instant. In addition they are shock proof, run cool and are practically noiseless.

    No laptop should be without one. Desktop should have two drives: SSD for boot/programs, hard drive for storage/page file/hybernation file.
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    320 is problematic apparently. Lose all your data. Likewise corsair and OCZ - couldn't buy a 510 at my local IT mall in BKK but no end of the other 3. Caveat emptor
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    at that price it's worth it to get one to speed up an older laptop... Ramdisk will run even faster than an SSD but it won't help with bootup...
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    How hard is it to install a SSD?

    I'm sure there is a decent video on youtube or something...
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    Just realized this is for a laptop...dang.

    I am looking for a SSD deal for my new desktop that is on it's way
  8. It's amazing how SLOW technology has progressed. 5 years later, mid-range laptops less than 2x as powerful as the one I bought 5 years ago... And SSD technology is still experimental (NOT ready for mass production and widespread use)...

    Anecdote: 10 years ago, computing power doubled every year...
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