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  1. Keep the integrity of Elitetrader and stop the blatant lies of some of the "Advertisers".

    Otherwise, isn't the reason for Elitetrader lost?

    I have seen honest questions and threads closed that were just questioning or exposing the "Snake Oil" of the "Snake Oil Masters".

    "The truth shall set you free....."

    The questioning of the advertisers does the members a service, one they will appreciate.

    Does Elitetrader want to be known as a area of censorship or freedom?

    Elitetrader does not lose credibility but gains it when the questioning of the practices of advertisers is embraced.

    Do I hear an AMEN?
  2. Which advertisers in particular... which threads?
  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I want ET to be known as a place for moderated discussion, not a place where any participant has the freedom to post whatever they want, no matter how off-topic, insulting, or innapropriate that may be.

    What about the practices of non-advertisers? You and your firm have no right to cast stones. As a matter of fact, representatives of your firm have violated our membership guidelines over the last couple years more than all other firms combined, and I have pages and pages of printed posts and private messages to back this up.
  4. BUSTED!!!
    so i take it this JWkirkland is a representative of Andover, who is too cheap to pay for advertising- those guys are a bunch of spammers anyways.......
  5. I think Baron has done an excellent job of striking the right balance between allowing free expression and restricting some few posts. Spammers are quickly eliminated. Honest questions regarding advertisers are allowed. It's unrealistic to expect him to allow competitors of forum sponsors to come on here and use this as a platform to engage in commercial disparagement.
  6. Ken_DTU


    agree re current moderation is excellent here..

    years ago, there was too much unmoderated flaming/spamming/self promoting that detracted from the board's focus, which is traders helping/communicating with others..

    the recent year or two, has seen the overall quality of the board increase significantly, in my opinion. I come back more often, to read what is more meaningful content, that I see now. .

    when you have 1-post history new people saying "vendor so and so is the (best thing since ecns) or (worst oil since cod liver)" it's like having shill bidders on ebay .. detracts from the experience..

    kudos to baron + mods for running a professional, tight ship here.. much better than it was before. .

    for an idea as to what useless unmoderated "wild wild west" spamming and teenage-type infantile posting looks like, go see any of the yahoo boards...

    to see the quality difference from human nature at work, in what baron and team have done here, vs what unmoderated boards look like, eg yahoo .. night and day..

    and an accomplishment in it's own right, something to be proud of. this is my model for "how a good message board should be run".

    let me put it this way, it's one of only 2 boards I visit daily (and the other is related to web design).. other occasional (2-3 times/mo board, is , hobby board etc)..

    great job here . I don't read si or yahoo boards or rb or any of the others, just ET.

  7. removing spam posts is fine with me. removing "bad words" and boobies is insane, imo.
  8. Remember, all genders, all races and all ages come to this site.
  9. I represent myself.

    Without a doubt there have been a bunch of A-Hole spammers from Andover but I was not a party to it, as a matter of fact at one time I tried to help Baron track down and stop the lowlife Mother Freakers who were doing it.

    Since you have just joined the board in the last few days, I will point out that I have been contributing to the board for almost 2 years, and it was not by spamming. As a matter of fact, I have been a member of this board longer than I have been with Andover.

    I know many firms have gone under and many more will go under before this board will cease to exist.

    I hope to continue to voice my opinion like many others on Elite and stand behind what I say, that is why I can use my real name.
  10. sorry man- didn't know who you were- i just thought you were "one of them" my apologies
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