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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ProgrammerGuy, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I was currently using TradeBullet. Not anymore, I'm using Ninja Trader.

    However, while I was using tradebullet my virus scan picked up a trojan. It was from the TradeBullet web site. I then emailed tradebullet saying that I received a virus.

    They responded saying that they ran a virus check and didn't find anything. Meanwhile I looked up on the internet how to treat the virus and simply deleted my Internet files from the web site. I ran the virus scan again and it was gone.

    Then TradeBullet emailed me saying "It appears our web site does have a virus, although TradeBullet itself does not. Thanks for pointing it out, we're clearing it out now. Those hackers are *really* annoying!"

    I'm concerned that something shady is going on. On the web site there are 2000 trading systems that you can buy, I am concerned that tradebullet has planted a program to send back information regarding how I trade?

    Should I be concerned? How would I check and see if any information was sent?

  2. if this matters it is a it is a JS/Psyme virus.
  3. Without wishing to seem offensive I think you're letting paranoia get the better of you. A far more plausible answer is that they're a small company and some idiot leaked some viral code somewhere and 'cos their internal systems aren't well protected the offending code got onto a web page that you got access to.

    I don't know the specifics of how you got infected so much of what I've said there is garbage. But I think the general gist of it, human error within a small operation is the high probablity bet in this case.

  4. Oh know I agree I am a bit paranoid, but thanks for the reply
  5. francis1

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    Nothing shady is going on. Somehow our hosting company let some jerk hack into our home page. They did not get further, but this is a serious matter which we are investigating.

    BTW We do not sell any trading systems.