Integration of MT4 with ECN technology of MBT

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by puretruth, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. How good is this integration ?

    Any issues ?
  2. Love to hear more from customers...
  3. SPF99


    Sucks for me so far, server goes down several times per day for like couple hours...
  4. MBT-Steve

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    SPF99..... Is that live or demo environment?
  5. SPF99


    + Many times just cant place market order even I do have connection with the server. Price is moving, everything looks fine, but when trying to place market order (Sell/Buy by market) it says No Connection
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    That's what I thought. Here the thing... "live" is very different than "demo". Live is extremely stable and demo isnt. However that is almost by design in that we do quite a bit of testing in demo mode before upgrades go into production. The demo mode used to be so that traders could get an idea of how software looks and feels. Over the years it has grown into a tool that is being used to test trading strategies and forumulas which is quite different than its original intent. With that being said we have created a new demo environment so that it will be stable just like the live environment and will accommodate the need of traders. I expect the new demo environment to be available soon.


  7. what a load of bull5hit... your demo system is consistently down, problems with orders, problems with gaps and dodgy data.. your live system might be more stable but how the hell do you expect people to test ideas on that piece of crap you are offering. you should be ashamed and just close it down because it isnt doing your business any good... efx was so good, since you guys took control it has become an absolute joke.. i have frustrated myself to the point i am closing my account with you.. after 3 years with you guys i am moving onto a real broker..
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    Market Mapper,

    I detailed why demo is different than live. Nevertheless, I hear you and we are working to create a stable demo environment just for that purpose of testing. An environment which we wont do any testing. Until then, did you know you can trade live with micros and minis? That wouldn't risk more than a few dollars. I would be happy to credit you $10. Please msg me your account. Hope this helps.


  9. Dude, it's a f'n demo!!

    Put some money on the line and then bitch, but Jesus, it's a friggin' demo!

    BTW, EFX was an ib for MBT, nothing more.
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    Is there a Volume indicator in MBT's ECN MT4 platform?
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