Integration For ESignal with IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jebara, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. jebara

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    I was looking to sign up to esignal with IB. I would like to know from anyone who is using this solution whether the integration is tight, or just an order window in esignal. Does it have account choices, unrealized gains, buying power and so on?
  2. Why not look at Tradestation 7.2?
    I am with IB and instead of going with eSignal and a plugin, Tradestation offers it all with commision rates very similar to IB.
  3. jebara

    jebara Guest

    I have been thinking about doing that, its just i want to see all my choice before making a decision. IB also has an internation prescence, and not sure if tradestation does, but probably will never do any international trading.
  4. Since you are looking for various options, why not use WLD3. There you have an open API that will connect you to several brokers in future. It also allows you to use several different real time data vendors at the same time. Power to the TRADER. :)