Integrated Charting/Scanning for use with IB

Discussion in 'Trading' started by GaretJax, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. GaretJax


    I am looking at using IB and I need real time charting/scanning software to go with it. I am a newbie and want to keep my costs down which rule out realticK and esignal. Any comments on these or other suggestions:

    Nextrend - Charting/Scanning/datafeed $79 a month
    TC2000 - Charting/Scanning (not real time scanning)

    Thanks - GaretJax
  2. Fohat



    You can try <a href="">Quicken Quotes Live</a> - very stable datafeed (unlike Qcharts), $54.95/month for unlimited symbols, $19.95/mo for 50 symbols.

    Another alternative is the free <a href="">Medved QuoteTracker</a> software.

  3. Eldredge


    TC 2000 is a cool program, and end of day stuff isn't too bad. But I had a LOT of trouble with streaming real time and finally had to give up. I'm using Quicken now and like it quite well so far.
  4. tradeRX


    I've been using Nextrend for several months.

    Reliable quotes--Never been down even one day from the start. Quotes are always accurate, right on the money. I don't see any problems with speed, the quotes seem timely. (Although someone else here claims Realtick is a little fster, I can't vouch for that)

    Tech Support--- Great! They get back to you quickly and they are responsive.

    Charting---Not too bad, fairly flexible and easy to master. Could be better but adequate. New version soon to be out with more bells & whistles.

    Overall, I like the reliabiliy. So far, it has fired-up every morning and has run like clockwork without fail.



    Right after this post I got an e-mail alert...

    The new version of Nextrend is now available..version 3.0
  5. BSAM


    The problem with Quicken Quotes Live is that (I believe) they do not offer any futures data. Fohat, can you confirm?

  6. GaretJax



    Have you used nextrend's scanner? I am interested in what indicators can be used for scanning.

    Thanks - GaretJax
  7. tradeRX


    From the help files:

    Market Scan Overview (Nextrend)

    What is Market Scan?
    Market Scan is a customized on-line tool for scanning current day symbols. You select the exchanges, market types and the search criteria.
    Market Scan’s powerful search engine allows you to create multiple searches, each containing up to six of the following criteria:

    Ask Ask Size Bid Bid Size
    Close Cumulative Volume Dividend Earnings
    High Last Low Net
    Nominal Open Interest Open Previous Close
    Percent Change Price Earnings Ratio Percent Volume Settle
    Year High Year Low Yield

    As an example, you can search all the NYSE stock symbols that are trading at new highs for the year, with volumes over 100,000 shares and up more than 3% for the day.

    Market Scan is at your demand to quickly gather all the information and display the results to you within seconds. To take it a step further with a double mouse click, Market Scan can also automatically display a price chart on any symbol displayed in the Market Scan Results window. It’s like having your own research assistant in the computer.

    Sample Market Scan Results Window:

    Key Benefits of Market Scan:

    Market Scan is Quick! Search through 10,000 symbols in less than 3 seconds.

    Market Scan is Customizable! You decide on the search criteria.

    Market Scan is Flexible! You can easily change your search criteria, and receive the results within seconds.

    Save a Market Scan Library! You can easily save a library of multiple Scan Definition Files for future use.

    Market Scan is Easy to Use! The Market Scan Wizard will guide you through every step of the way.

    Market Scan is Automated! You can preset your search criteria to continuously scan at specified time intervals.

    Market Scan is Dynamic! You can create multiple reports and NexTrend windows directly from Market Scan.

  8. bouncer


    FWIW: I also use Nextrend with IB and second everything tradeRX has said about. With the latest version you can start IB (or any program) from within Nextrend. Another cool thing that's new is the expanded alert features including e-mail alerts.
  9. GaretJax


    Thanks guys. I am downloading nextrend to check it out now. I also received tc2000 in the mail today so I will compare them. Interesting that nextrend has picked up several brokers and intergrated with them. I wonder if IB is considering it.

  10. GaretJax


    I have been playing with Nextrend. The charts are really excellent - a big improvement compared to datek/quotetracker that I have been using. The scanner is weak - datek's realtime scanner is better (you can use criteria like % above/below ema etc) but it is the charts that are the bread and butter.

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