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  2. ZZZ 7 ;
    The whole semi sector has frequently some good long term downtrends;:cool: and good short term downtrends lately .

    INTC could use some more sell volume.:cool:

    Hope this helps.
  3. Your comments did not help.

    Thanks anyway.

  4. djxput


    Not to be rude but I dont give that hammer much weight. A hammer after a nice sloping downtrend with some volume is something to take note of.

    Granted we had a nice down day on friday with some decent volume and not much of a wick on each end; so most likely well go down some more.

    If you take a look at the 60 min chart it brings up a interesting picture - that being we closed on friday at some support (ie trendline)

    I would think well stop for a bit where we are at and head to 25~ but we are at a slight impass here ie may need to retrace a little before doing so.
  5. Failed Hammer. ROFLMAO!
  6. Must have been a Chinese-made hammer!