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  1. less than expected EPS. Yet the stock is up in after hours. If there is an explanation, other than good Q2 expectations, please let me know.
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    It looks like they beat and guided higher for next qtr.
  3. The first quarter is in the "rear-view" mirror now, and so are a lot of the obvious issues that have plagued performance.

    The 2nd quarter 60% margin number is being given as guidance and the gross margin number for the entire year of 2004 remains unchanged at 62%.
  4. dont like the pirce now wait 5 minutes....its been bouncing from 27-27.80`ish since the close
  5. Anybody know what time the call is?
  6. The CC wasn't great. Most of the questions focused on the larger than expected inventory build/lower than expected (or perhaps hoped for) GM. Also, while they were positive on the second half, they weren't wildly so. And there was no indication that capex might grow beyond forecast, which could pinch the equipment names.
  7. Without any serious follow thru selling in the am I say INTC/SEMIS are due for a run.:cool:
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    ((Without any serious follow thru selling in the am I say INTC/SEMIS are due for a run.))

    Looking at this weekly chart of the SOX index, it looks like you may have missed the run.
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    Core CPI is due out at 8:30 in the morning...forecast for 0.2%
    per YHOO economic calender...if these numbers are good we should have a big squeeze upwards with the market being oversold right now. INTC numbers were pretty good...only a few panickers in the aftermarket leaving it down about 40 cents...the CPI will dictate the early mood of the market.....we will see.:)
  10. That would be nice. I have spreads on INTC and LLTC.
    Geez this Press conference is so boring I think I've made 3 posts tonight.:p
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