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  2. so
  3. You need directions?

    Most people can figure things out from diagrams.

  4. Dude.. u are totally wrong. Thats why chart patterns are develish.

    That could also be a double top or INTC establishing a trading range... u are painting the chart to look like a long term cup handle.
  5. Am I?

  6. fan27


    Looks like wishfull thinking at this point.
  7. yea.. i do.

    is this L or S?

  8. wiat amin..

    thats same chart

    up side down??

    whats the point?

    this is all too cryptic for me.

  9. It is long if we break the recent downtrend, it is short if we fail here. Of course, it depends on your time frame for a trade, doesn't it?

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