INTC-Waterfall selloff in the afterhours session

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Oh man. Cramer got this one wrong. They bid it up all week long on high volume and now what??? Horrible earnings call, waterfall selloff down 5% in the afterhours session. What a train wreck...Cramer is going to be on television tonight with an apology episode.

    I wish I had only bought the puts!!! Cramer!!!
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    Most excellent - I hope INTC earnings and stupid DOW 14,000 puts a lid on this market. I am not bearish, I just have some long-term $$ I want to put to werk!

    Looks like YHOO is up 3% in aHr and we have CPI tomorrow morning, so who knows..
  3. YHOO up 3% AH?

    I show it down almost 3%:confused:

    INTC down almost 4%
  4. INTC is still up 4% from last week and 25% year to date. In-line earnings report. People won't get too bent out of shape.
  5. notouch


    What a nonsense it all is when there are expectations that earnings will exceed expectations.
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    I think Yahoo is down 2-3% based on inline estimates. I didn't see where it came back up again.
  7. It isn't the in-line ER that is hurting them. They forecasted lower than the street for the current quarter. But I agree. This merely brings them down to a more realistic valuation considering the huge growth this year.
  8. In-line with LOWERED estimates, and they also lowered forecast.
  9. BSC comes clean. There funds have a NAV of 9!! Ha Ha
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    BSC should be trading off 10-15% on this news.

    9 cents on the dollar....

    The news is out and its not good...

    How wallstreet can keep ignoring this type of news is BEYOND ME!!!!!
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