INTC reporting after the bell.

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  1. Up or Down? Where do you see this going?
    Lets see some Predictions. :D
  2. Up, down, back up, down, down more, and then up a little.
  3. LOL. Up .50 cents down .40 then up .20 then down .50.
  4. Exactly. :)
  5. Keeper


    Good report, UP

    Bad report, DOWN
  6. For the last 5 months, it's been.....

    Good report, UP ALOT

    Bad Report, UP A LITTLE
  7. LOL. Breaking news, INTC is going bankrupt, on the bright side their stock is @ all time highs.
  8. Keeper


    So, I guess you're long INTC.

    So am I from $20.70, 1st week of the year. Major position.
  9. Depends on you perceive the AMD news from last week. Judging by how the market reacted with INTC after the AMD warning, looks like the odds are, in my opinion:

    Good report: down a little

    Great report: up a little

    Bad report: crash

    Anybody have any AAPL predictions? It's been so long since that stock has been in the news...:D
  10. S2007S


    exactly right.

    I think it was so oversold under 18 that anything bad was good. I think the same thing tonight. AMD did warn but many think this is a positive for INTC.

    Great earnings and great outlook, 24-25...

    A miss or just an ok earnings report, 20.

    I think INTC heads higher after earnings.

    Also looks like the market is waiting patiently for these earnings, dow stuck all day.
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