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    Guess they dropped it to 54% so they can easily come in around 55% and show investors that INTC still has strong gross margins....anything below 54% and this stock is headed straight to 52 week lows......

    INTC dropped its gross margins guidance to 54% plus or minus 1% from 56% plus or minus a couple percent. Intel cited lower prices on flash memory as the reason for the warning.
  2. this could surge 8%

    woudn't be surprised
  3. I haven't traded INTC in about 8 years and it will stay that way.

    I'll flip a coin and say it goes to 21.50
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    I think it could head back to $22+ but I just dont see how INTC is going to do so great, many are waiting for their margins then anything else.
  5. if INTC goes up $1.5 the Nasdaq mini future will be up 1% at least...
  6. Good call
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    Business Outlook

    Intel’s Business Outlook does not include the potential impact of any mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or other business combinations that may be completed after April 14.

    Q2 2008:

    * Revenue: Between $9.0 billion and $9.6 billion. The forecast reflects a significant reduction in NOR flash memory revenue as a result of the Numonyx transaction.
    * Gross margin: 56 percent plus or minus a couple of points.
    * Spending (R&D plus MG&A): Between $2.8 billion and $2.9 billion.
    * Restructuring and asset impairment charges: Approximately $250 million.
    * Net gains from equity investments and interest and other: Approximately $75 million.
    * Tax rate: Approximately 33 percent.
    * Depreciation: Approximately $1.1 billion.

    Full-Year 2008:

    * Gross margin: 57 percent plus or minus a few points, unchanged.
    * R&D: Approximately $6 billion, higher than the previous expectation of approximately $5.9 billion.
    * MG&A: Approximately $5.5 billion, unchanged.
    * Capital spending: $5.2 billion plus or minus $200 million, unchanged.
    * Tax rate: The tax rate for the third and fourth quarters is expected to be approximately 33 percent.
    * Depreciation: $4.4 billion plus or minus $100 million, unchanged.
  8. 25 cents in line, they reported right after the index futures closed @ 15:15 cst.

    Now they will gap up big time. Until they issue guidance.
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    They did a nice job of running the stops on that one, some poor bastards got stoped ain the 20.40 range before it flipped up above 21.80 now steaming above 22.27

    Nice call 22+
  10. Instantly the futures begin rising ...

    SPY up 70 cents AH

    QQQQ up 60 cents

    and rising
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