INTC announces QUAD cores early

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nitro, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Seems like we will be seeing 16 cores soon. A whole new race is on now between AMD and INTC. From what I understand, the Opterons will rule (scale more easily) as more and more cores are added.

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  3. I'm curious, is there any trading platform that can take advantage of multiple cores?

    I don't keep up with cpu's anymore. Is multiple core the same as dual (or more) cpu's, except they're on the same silicon?

  4. Tradestation can handle multiple processors, but I don't know if it's been optimized. Because "tradestation" is actually made up of multiple processes it will use two CPUs better than say Wealthlab which (for now at least) is tied to a single CPU. But I doubt this increases the speed of TS all that much since it's likely losing a lot of time passing information between the processes.

    I'd be very interested if some of the other trading and backtesting platforms could take advantage of this.


  6. This I will i struggle to keep guys are awesome...

    i mean there are certain step for things to happen in a computer, you've got to think of it realtime as in everything happening simultaneously and also step by step 4ms for one thing to happen and 4ms for another thing. sure, quad core cut the processors 4ms down to 1ms, but the other parts in the computer still take their time to do stuff...